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Welcome to Grimm Mawr

Welcome to Grimm Mawr

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 Welcome to Grimm Mawr, a small town where magic thrums through the very fabric of reality. It's a place where the extraordinary is ordinary, and the impossible happens every day. Witches, warlocks, and all manner of magical beings call this secluded hamlet home, drawn by the abundant natural resources, temperate weather, and the promise of a life less ordinary.

Created to be an oasis for supernatural creatures of all types, Grimm Mawr was created to allow everyone to live in peace and harmony. But don't let the quaint brick facades and charming storefronts fool you – beneath the picturesque surface, Grimm Mawr is a hotbed of fierce competition and petty rivalries. From Grimm Mawr Academy and the fierce athletic competitions to the Annual BrewFest, Grimm Mawr has their share of excitement.


Witch Please

In the enchanting halls of Grimm Mawr Magical Academy, magic swirls in every corner, and love potions are always a bad idea. With the state championship looming, field hockey coach Archie is determined to lead his team to victory, while arcane potion teacher Minerva struggles to maintain order in her chaotic classroom. When star player Jezebel Nightshade starts failing potions and risking her spot on the team, Archie knows he needs to intervene.

Sparks fly as Minerva and Archie clash over what to do, but beneath their bickering lies an undeniable attraction. When a curse attacks the field hockey team right before the state championship, Minerva and Archie are each accused of sabotage. With the fate of the championship and Jezebel’s well-being hanging in the balance, Minerva and Archie must work together to unravel the mystery and save the day.

Charmed and Dangerous

In the enchanting town of Grimm Mawr, where magic and love collide, shy potions shop assistant Maeve Whisper finds herself caught in a spellbinding mix-up at the annual Grimm Mawr Brewfest. A mysterious love potion transforms her ordinary world when she accidentally kisses the grumpy bear shifter baker, Saul Grimsbane. Unbeknownst to them, fate has stirred a cauldron of charm, and the reluctant duo embarks on a rollercoaster of emotions.
As Maeve tries to escape the unexpected enchantment, Saul chases after her, determined to uncover the truth beneath the magic. Is their connection the result of a mischievous potion or the revelation of a destined love?

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